Publisher: Masarykova univerzita, Brno 2017

Category: Pedagogická fakulta

Release date: 2017

Book size: 6,39 MB

ISBN: 978-80-210-5891-0

The Introduction into Sports Training

Mgr. David Zahradník, Ph.D., doc. PaedDr. Pavel Korvas, CSc.
Pedagogická fakulta

The Introduction into Sports Training is meant for students of subjects in kinanthropology such as Teaching PE, recreology and coaching etc. Primarily, sports training focuses on cultivating the athlete’s personality; further, it focuses on systematic development of motor abilitites and the process of acquiring motor skills within the specific sports disicpline. The present text helps you to basic orientation in the issue of sports training. Individual chapters touch on basic topics necessary for implementation training process in the first stages of sports training. This text should not be understood as a universal manual which can work work with anybody. Rather, it must be viewed as inspiration for furter studies in this difficult, nonetheless beautiful, issue.

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