Vydavatel: Masarykova Univerzita Brno, 2017

Kategorie: Pedagogická fakulta

Rok vydání: 2014

Velikost knihy: 24.1 MB

Jazyková kompetence I

Mgr. Jana Kubrická
Pedagogická fakulta

The aim of this e-learning course is primarily to improve the learner´s academic English, especially technical vocabulary specific for sports studies. Secondly, the course focuses on grammar for academic purposes and reading skills. The course is divided into 5 units: Vocabulary, Grammar, Doing research, Reading Skills I, Reading Skills II. It proceeds from simpler language units (vocabulary, collocations) to more complex texts dealing with issues from science and research. The majority of texts were adapted from original literature on sports research, single sentences come from the British Academic Corpus, which means that all of them are authentic English language to help the learner sound more natural.

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